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About Employer Live - The Best Career Life Solutions Provider

Employer Live, in its initial phase, aims to bring together the educated youth, job aspirants and employers PAN India under a single canopy. Employer Live offers an opportunity to young literates to find and choose the jobs matching their eligibility criteria. At the same time, it aids the companies looking for specifically skilled candidates, by providing them the filtered applications as per their requirements. Hence, Employer Live is acting as a bridge by linking the employers and job aspirants in a very transparent and easy way.

Employer Live began its operation from September 2017, with a large number of applications flowing in. January 2018 would see the full fledged functioning of Employer Live, providing a platform for the employers to reach and pick up the best suitable resources. From supermarkets to MNCs, we provide a channel to link up your profile and get you the aspired job opportunity.

Allover India, we face the problem of unemployment, not getting a job as per the qualification, lack of awareness of suitable opportunities, and not getting the desired salary, thus leading to frustration and setting for less. To contribute our lit to the society against these problems, we strive to make both the ends meet with their initiative. We link the job aspirants to their matching role, thus helping them negotiate and to achieve the best career opportunity for them. Parallel to that, we facilitate the employers by sending them the filtered applications as per their requirements, thus saving their time and efforts and help them to find the best suited talents. Also, sorting of candidates is done as per the work location, the knowledge of native language and the understanding of market culture for particular job requirements.Having begun our service in India, we aim to turn global, making job and talent reach easier than it has ever been.

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Our website provides an intense connection between Employers and job aspirants. Both categories have different login accounts to create their own space. Nowadays, there are many websites which provide job listing, job requirement information and categorised job opportunities, in which we need to go through various processes and registrations. Usually these processes create confusions and are loss of time for the users. But, through simple and single window registration we are providing many privileges for the users.

For an Employer, it is easy to register with their existing information, without any burden. After completing the registration processes, an employer can post a job, select eligible candidates for the posted job and can send call letter for the candidates, who responded for the posted job etc

For job Seekers, it is more helpful for them to be chosen by a Company. Here, through our website, the job aspirants will be searched by various Companies and the profile of Job aspirants contains Profile information adding, Skills window, Company listing, job listing etc.

Our Mission

To give better career guidance to job seekers all over the world. Register now on our website to access all the features

Our Vision

To reduce unemployment in the world, we are giving better career guidance website for all ajob seekers and employers

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